Water Soluble Liquid​

Water Soluble Liquids and Powders are great for beverages and other orally consumed CBD products. There are a few reasons that this product is beneficial other than it being water soluble. Typical CBD content is between 20% and 30%, but because there is more bioavailability in water soluble products the actual CBD absorption is known to be higher than many other CBD extracts.

First Pass Metabolism is a physiological phenomena in plant extract products where the concentration of compound is reduced before it reaches the systemic circulation. This reduction means that there is a decrease in bioavailability and therefore means your body is actually processing less of the CBD in the product you are ingesting.

This can be overcome by using a water soluble powder or liquid, because the CBD content is broken down into micro sized particles allowing the body to more easily absorb the CBD available.

There are two versions of water soluble products being liquid and powder. These products have many crossover uses but can be slightly better for specific uses whether it’s used in a beverage, tincture, edible, or capsule.