Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate

Ultra Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate, Different from Broad Spectrum, is a concentrated extract from the Hemp plant ranging in CBD potency from 65%-75%. The remaining percentage includes 5%-7% minor cannabinoids as well as plant matter. Ultra Broad Spectrum Distillate aims to capture all of the compounds found in the Hemp plant at the moment it was processed. This is without the lipids and fats that will hold those compounds together but do not have any medicinal benefits. 

Ultra Broad Spectrum Distillates do NOT contain any THC and this is the primary difference between  Ultra Broad Spectrum and Full Spectrum Distillates. As we see the market shift towards consumers

looking for products that contain as many of the original cannabinoids and at high concentration as possible it was imperative for us to create a product to fit that need. There is a potent Entourage Effect as this is brought on by all cannabinoids remaining in the product, such as CBG, CBN and CBC, delivering its medicinal benefits.COA’s are issued with each order.

Our Ultra Broad Spectrum Distillate is produced through an ethanol based extraction method, a winterization process and a short path distillation. Each lab uses different techniques to influence the CBD content and at Anthem Hemp we have a proprietary method that consistently produces high levels of CBD while still producing 5%-7% minor cannabinoids in every batch of Ultra Broad Spectrum Distillate.