CBN (Cannabinol) Isolate

CBN(Cannabinol) Isolate is a crystalline powder that contains 96%-99% pure CBN and is extracted using a much more labour intensive process. To produce CBN THCA must be exposed to some combination of heat, time, UV light to degrade into the compound CBN. 

To be compliant with 2018 Farm bill Hemp cannot exceed .3% THC in total content so the available amount of potential CBN comes from this small amount. There are many viable products on the market that make use of CBN but the cost and availability is often a major factor in considering large production of this product.

There are some variations of the powder, depending on the process. This can change the size of the CBN crystals from a fine white powder or larger crystals more granular in shape and size. There is little to no odor from this product and the color is nearly always a pure white.

Due to the amount of CBN available and cost most manufacturers add CBN to a CBD product in a similar 10-1 ratio. This is because many studies have linked CBN to being a similar product to THC but without the pesky side effect of a psychoactive “high” but still contains all the medicinal benefits.

Our product is USA grown, third-party lab tested and COA’s are issued with each order.