About Us




As an independent, privately owned and operated company, Anthem is free to focus solely on producing the highest quality hemp cannabinoid extracts. We have implemented a culture that fosters a rewarding partnership with each institution and individual we serve. Our team of self-made entrepreneurs and veterans live by a commitment to excellence and are passionate about educating others of the incredible benefits of CBD. Anthem Hemp is dedicated to raising the standards of the industry by providing proprietary products with exceptional customer service. We have found our place pioneering the hemp industry with generations of experience, innovative farming technologies, and countless hours of quality control research and development. Partnering with Anthem, ensures compliance, transparency, and reliability at scale.


We are committed to investing in our agriculture. Our proprietary hemp genetics are grown organically in the United States, primarily in Oregon. Anthem’s vertically-integrated platform delivers premium, consistent hemp-derived cannabinoids with full transparency and traceability. Our dedication to sustainable farming practices include innovative technologies and healthy nutrient-rich soil which is crucial to manufacturing our high-quality products.


Even though the FDA does not require hemp companies to uphold Good manufacturing practice (GMP) compliance, Anthem has proactively implemented all essential elements into our production practices to obtain full GMP compliance. We anticipate our final verification in the beginning of 2020.


Anthem’s core competency is bulk distribution. Our hemp is processed in an established food-grade facility in Oregon with the highest degree of extraction and manufacturing capabilities. We are able to provide production fulfillment at true global scale. Positioning our presence, our operations are headquartered out of California.


We believe that quality starts from the source, which is why we third-party lab test every batch at multiple stages throughout production to ensure that our products are contaminant-free and uphold a high profile of cannabinoids. Anthem abides by strict adherence to organic farming practices and compliance standards, we provide full traceability guaranteeing product quality and consumer safety.


Anthem’s robust and continuously improving operational procedures are always our top priority. Our internal compliance guidelines ensuring safety and efficiency include routine audits from the OSHA as well as strict adherence to fire safety regulations. We are in full compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and have achieved food grade certification on our proprietary hemp products.