About Us




Anthem Hemp is among the largest vertically integrated hemp organizations, with over 300 acres of industrial hemp that we plant, farm, manage, and extract from. Our team of top professionals manage the entire process from cultivation to extraction and distillation. Having control over the supply chain allows us to produce the highest quality hemp extracts available with consistent and customizable cannabinoid profiles. Our foundation is built upon producing premium quality materials, being fully transparent, and providing a superior client experience. We believe passionately in the powerful, life-enhancing qualities of CBD and take pride in researching every facet of hemp cultivation and production. 


Our non-GMO plants are grown organically in the United States, primarily in Oregon. Each of our materials are derived from hemp plants free of pesticides, heavy metals, and harsh chemicals.  Anthem’s vertically-integrated platform delivers premium, consistent and customizable, hemp-derived cannabinoids delivered with full transparency and traceability. Our dedication to sustainable cultivation practices includes proprietary hemp genetics, innovative farming technologies, ideal climate, and nutrient-dense soil


We harvest an extensive crop each summer, which is then processed and refined into high quality extracts throughout the year. Each of our materials are curated utilizing a proprietary cryogenic process, allowing us to specifically target valuable components, while leaving behind the less desirable elements of the plant. Post extraction processing enhances the potency and clarity of the product, which can then be further refined into THC-free products or Cannabidiol (CBD) Isolate. Cannabigerol (CBG) isolate and distillate is produced using a similar method of preparation.


Anthem Hemp’s various services include distribution of bulk extract materials, custom formulated cannabinoid profiles, and manufacturing of end consumer products. We operate facilities in Oregon and Las Vegas, our headquarters are centrally located in Southern California, and we are continuing to further expand our global reach by establishing offices in the United Kingdom and South America.


Quality starts with the seed, and so do our controls on the matter. Every batch we produce is third-party lab tested multiple times throughout genetics selection, cultivation, and extraction to ensure proper safety and compliance is maintained. Having control over our supply chain allows us to manufacture the highest quality hemp extracts available. It also gives our clients the ability to trace their material from seed to finished product.


We carry all requisite local, state, and federal licensing, and operate facilities in full compliance with all applicable regulations. We are a GMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified, food grade compliant, licensed hemp handler. Anthem strictly adheres to food-grade manufacturing practices, which ensures all products are produced in a manner consistent with food products.