COVID-19 and CBD

As months move on and COVID-19 continues wreaking havoc throughout the world, research quietly began back in June 2020 on the efficacy of Cannabidiol (CBD) treatment for coronavirus. After a series of news articles were released focusing on the anti-inflammatory property’s cannabinoids possess, and subsequent lack of data backed information being spread, we witnessed an increase in online business of our CBD sample size extract materials being used for personal use. While we must point out that there’s no solidified research-based evidence proving cannabinoids are an effective treatment against COVID-19, according to top researchers in the field, early case studies show a high level of promise. CBD products are believed to aid in battling anxiety, fear, depression, and several other
relevant health concerns resulting as a byproduct of such trying times. With regards to COVID-19, studies are focusing on cannabis’ anti-inflammatory properties, which are believed to be a safer alternative to other available options. Research and testing are being conducted on various attributes of the plant and its components including cannabidiol, cannabichromene,
tetrahydrocannabinol, strain specific terpenes, and residual plant matter from the extraction process. Cannabinoids have long been a topic of excitement for users and skeptics alike, but no matter personal viewpoints, the scientific community continues to devote time and resources to better understanding the occurring benefits of cannabidiol usage in medicine. We believe in and support the plants-over-pills movement and see this as an opportunity to capitalize on the scientific community’s support of destigmatize the cannabis industry. Recently the FDA began working with industry advocates in a bid to reclassify hemp derived cannabinoids as a health and nutritional supplement to allow for wider, less regulated, usage in beauty supplies and consumer-based products. States like Nevada expedited the process and began self-regulating the growing industry, while capitalizing on the added tax benefits and economic stimulation, no doubt. Other states are beginning to follow suit by drafting their own rules and regulations regarding the sale of CBD dietary supplements, food additives, and cosmetics. So, despite all that is going on in the world, it remains an exciting time in the global CBD market space. Brand strategists pivoting, new products being released, formulation teams finding new methods for incorporating raw extracts into production, the CBD industry continues to evolve and advance at a rapid pace; our silver lining to being in an emerging global market. Scientific data backed research studies and analysis will undoubtedly take time, but should these premature theories prove correct, it will add much more value and legitimacy to the global cannabis industry. In the meanwhile, proper handling of our materials and following of sanitation guidelines from the health department are nothing new to our business operations, however, “contact-less” pickup and delivery, masks, gloves, copious amounts of CBD hand sanitizer, zoom call meetings, and virtual CBD expos, are. We continue to enforce hand washing, regular cleaning and disinfecting of our facilities and equipment, and most importantly asking employees to stay home from work if they are feeling ill. We remain open and operating as normal with all essential staff members doing their part supplying premium cannabinoid materials to our clients. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at

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